“Meet SANEON” today presents you our super colleague Asma! Asma Chaalane joined last year as a Requirement Manager & Process Owner at SANEON France. “Being original in a men’s industry”, let’s see what women power is really about!

As a Requirement Manager & Process Owner, you truly are an example for all women what brought you to work in this industry and to eventually choose SANEON?
I started to work in this industry for the first time with the end of studies’ internship. The automotive industry is an expanding sector which delivers really interesting topics. This mainly was the reason that brought me to choose it for the internship in the first place. Later on, someone from the industry recommended me SANEON and this made me apply and join the team!
As a woman I found it challenging at first. Being one of the few females gives me the chance to be “original”. To be a woman in a “men industry” is very challenging. But, since I do like challenges I found this environment the most suitable for me.

Working from France with a lot of clients located in Germany, how do you feel about the distance when having to work on specific projects?
This has not been an issue at all. I joined SANEON during the pandemic. Working remotely has not been an obstacle since it is not something “new”. I was already used to it in my previous work experience and after this pandemic I think most people too were able to get familiar with remote working. We are still able to see each other every day through the computer and are regularly in touch. So, there are no worries nor problems with this system. On the contrary, it is much more comfortable for me to be working from my hometown and not having to move somewhere else!

How would you recommend SANEON to others?
Actually, I must say I was surprised when I joined. I had no idea we had such a strong spirit. It’s a very comfortable work environment. You feel at home, you feel like a big family. It is much different from all other big companies, where you are surrounded by a lot of people that do not even talk to each other. I feel like we are a team, but also part of a big family. There is strong communication between all the members and a very nice spirit.

Do you have a favorite memory at SANEON?
Do I have to choose only one? Because I have many good memories. I had the chance to meet the client in person and thereby fly to Munich during the first 3 weeks. This gave me the chance to meet the team directly, get to know the work environment and do some activities with them.
Many other happy moments concern all of our SANEON Team Events. We actually had a lot.We had one that involved an online cooking session, one that involved a trip to Munich with a city rally and a guided tour at the BMW Museum, an online escape game and a Karaoke night in Paris.
I only have very good memories at and with SANEON!!

Thank you very much, Asma – we are glad to have you on board!