Our expertise: Solutions to develop safety-relevant systems

Are you a company that is developing safety-relevant systems or software in challenging areas such as autonomous mobility? Do you need some help with this work because you lack the required processes, development expertise or capacities? If so, SANEON is just right for you.

Our range of services covers all areas related to the development of complex, safety-relevant systems. Our highly experienced specialists in this area will share their expert knowledge with your teams and will energetically support their work. As part of our work, we share our knowledge about the application of ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE®, SOTIF and cybersecurity. We also help our customers develop complex and innovative safety-relevant systems in an efficient and replicable manner. We can also verify that your product development work conforms with Automotive SPICE® and ISO 26262.

Our range of services:

GAP analysis

GAP analysis in the form of workshops, audits, or Automotive SPICE assessments.

Implementation support

Implementation support provided through training courses, coaching, services, reviews, and safety analyses.

Research & development

Management of safety-focused development on the levels of system, hardware and software.


Product integration and development, including CASIN, a unique solution used in CAD-CAE data exchange.


Training courses covering all aspects of SW quality, safety, and security for complex systems for managers and specialists, including standards, technical questions, and personnel management.