SANEON provides teams with the skills they need to develop systems efficiently, safely and repeatably.

GAP analysis

  • ASPICE & ISO 26262

  • Audits, Assessment

  • Potential Analyse

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Implementa-tion support


  • System Engineering

  • Safety analyses

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Research & development

success factors

SANEON success factors:

  1. We train and help our customers to efficiently and safely implement safety-critical functions in complex and automated systems.

    As experts, we are extremely well-versed in such standards as Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, SOTIF (ISO/PAS 21448), automotive cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434), DO 178B/C and IEC 61508.

  2. We help our customers expand the skill set of their teams and then to efficiently and repeatably develop these complex and innovative systems.

    One quality sets us clearly apart from others: our passion to perfect the product and development process in a close, collaborative partnership with our customers’ teams. You will view us as an integral part of a joint team whose skills are continuously being enhanced, achieve your goals faster and sleep more soundly at night!



We are very happy to announce that our new colleague Florian Wachter joined our team today! More…



Welcome to the SANEON team!

We have repeatedly proven our ingenuity in many different research projects and in challenging customer projects. We intend to continue growing. For this reason, we are recruiting well-trained engineers who want to grow professionally and implement dreams as part of a team – our future is your future!

Are you interested or do you have some questions? Call us and contact us by e-mail:



Shape the mobility transformation with SANEON!

Are you interested in developing safety-relevant systems efficiently and repeatably? We will provide you with an abundance of knowledge and a process-driven approach. Tap our many years of experience in the application of Automotive SPICE®, functional safety, Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL), safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) and cybersecurity as well as our comprehensive knowledge about standards (including ISO 26262, ISO/PAS 21448 and ISO/SAE 21434).