As a software engineer at SANEON France how would you describe the work environment of the firm?

We are not a big company, but I think we get benefits from this!
We are like a small family! There is a very beautiful atmosphere between all colleagues.

There are no gaps between colleagues or with the management, as it would be often the case in other companies. In our case I do not see these, and this is a very big advantage of SANEON in my opinion!
We have regular meetings (weekly and monthly) with all SANEON members. So, we are really close to each other.

How do you feel about SANEON already getting bigger with new working colleagues joining day by day?

This is a very good thing.
We were a very small team. Two years ago, for example, our French Team only had 3 members.

This was no drawback at all, but growing day by day and getting towards bigger expert teams at SANEON makes it possible to develop faster.
With bigger teams we can have bigger success and more achievements.

What challenges do you have in the project you are currently working on?

Regarding my current project I have a lot of challenges.
I am not working with a single team. So, the biggest challenge is the coordination and communication with all of the teams I am currently dealing with.

For example, I might work with the Software Team, regarding developments or the Test Team, to create test cases and environments; other times I spend time with the System Engineering Team, for creative environments and simulations. This requires a more global point of view, because I cannot only focus on the one side.

In what way were you able to grow professionally at SANEON?

This was my first experience after my studies. So, I finished my Master’s Degree and started right away at SANEON as a Software Engineer. Clearly, a turning point in my career.
Switching from the studies domain to the labor market, is a big challenge for anyone.

SANEON really meant a lot to me during the last two years. It gave me all the support I needed. I cannot remember a single time reached out my colleagues and nobody helped. I was the one with the least experience among the team, I can say that. This was a good thing in the end, because I was able to benefit from my colleagues’ experience. And I am still continuing to learn nowadays.

What do you think about the SANEON Events?

The Team Event in Germany gave me the opportunity to visit the country for the first time!

I also had the chance to meet all the colleagues from the German Office.
We had a really nice time there!! I don’t think that so many companies organize these events for their employees.

Also, the Karaoke Event in Paris was really good. In that occasion I also had the chance to invite some friends and introduce them to SANEON.

Many thanks, Ali, for making SANEON this special until now!