Today we present our employee presentation under the title „Meet SANEON“.
We start with our brilliant colleague Dr. Mohamed Amine Abid, Functional Safety Expert at SANEON GmbH since 2021.

As a functional safety expert, you have a lot of responsibilities. Why did you choose to work in this specific field?
This is something not easy to answer, I would say. It is the course of events that brought me in contact with Functional Safety in the first place. When I was at the university, I had to give a lecture about Functional Safety, this is how I came to know about FS in the first place. It is where everything started. I chose functional safety because it is quite a new domain. There is a lot to be done and it’s quite challenging: it has all the ingredients I am looking for, personally and for my career. This is why I am currently working as a functional safety expert.

You joined SANEON during the pandemic – was it very different than usual?
We need to define “usual” first! In fact, the pandemic started before I joined SANEON. So, I was in this remote working mode anyway. Joining SANEON from this point of view did not mean a lot of change for me. I kept working in the same mode, from home, where I meet people via teams or other online tools. On the other hand, compared to the way we were before the pandemic, the situation is entirely different. It’s a new era, I would say. It comes with its drawbacks, but also with a lot of potential and advantages. For me, since the pandemic started, I was able to work from home next to my wife. Before the pandemic, we were 500 km apart, which is one of the advantages I can see. 

You now have been working for about 7 months with SANEON, how did this environment help you to grow professionally?
I am pleased to have joined SANEON because it represents an excellent opportunity to work on new projects with exciting clients, meet new people, and make new contacts. All of this helped me a lot in growing professionally. I like this new environment. I like how SANEON is running, where one can talk freely to anyone. There is a flat and balanced relationship utterly different from the traditional vertical one. I like the fact that we can share any thoughts in any context. This is how we are at SANEON: growing and learning from each other. 

Would you recommend the firm to other people?
For sure! And I already did!

After your experience here, what is your favorite memory of SANEON?
I would say the team event is my favorite memory at SANEON. I really enjoyed it. It was an opportunity to meet all of you guys, and we had a great time together. It was like an opportunity to get to know everyone and „put faces on the names.“ So, this was a great memory I have had. I already had the chance to meet a few of the colleagues from Germany before, but this event allowed me to see all the colleagues from SANEON France for the first time, as well as all the new colleagues that joined the company after me.

Many thanks, Amine, for your hard work and dedication!!