You are doing a mandatory internship at SANEON for six months and are moving from Tunisia to Germany for this purpose – why did you choose SANEON and what are your tasks?

Zeineb: I see this opportunity to contribute to a fast-moving company and I feel that my skills are particularly well suited to the automotive field.
The project goal is developing a scenario generating tool for the autonomous driving simulator Carla.

Khaled: It’s not an easy decision to make. Especially for me personally it is the first time travelling outside of my country Tunisia. It will be challenging, but I am up for challenges.
I chose SANEON, as a main reason because of its activities related to the automotive industry. Working on these activities is both very interesting and useful for my future career.
It is also a great opportunity to fuel my passion for cars and the automotive field. My main tasks here at SANEON based on R&D, exploring different automotive functional safety standards and developing various software tools for safety engineering.

How do you feel about moving to Germany?

Zeineb: Now I am full of excitement and curiosity! I wonder what my life will be like once I’m actually there. Leaving the comfort zone is not easy at all, but I think it is an experience that one needs to live. Also, Germany is a really nice country, and I am excited to get it to know better soon!

Khaled: One of the reasons that brought me to SANEON has been its location. I have always loved the idea of travelling to Germany, “the country of dreams”.

Zeineb, was it hard for you to join this industry as a female?

For me, in this work environment, it’s not a matter of male or female.
Being man or woman is the same if you love your work enough and are able to push all the difficulties aside!

Zeineb, what were you able to learn until now from SANEON and the projects you are working on?

From SANEON I was able to learn the spirit of being a team player and how to properly manage time during project developments. Concerning the work assignments, I am currently dealing with, I am getting familiar with the CARLA Simulator.

Khaled, how would you describe the implementation of the knowledge university allowed you to gather?

I am very grateful for everything I learnt from my professors. Now, working and experiencing the industry from another point of view, on a professional level, I am finding myself applying the knowledge I was able to gather from university. Not just a specific aspect, but the whole underlying mentality and way of thinking.

What 3 words would you use to describe SANEON?

Khaled: “Family, Success, Future!”
Zeineb: “Very Welcoming, Flexible, Motivating!”

Thank you, Zeineb & Khaled, for bringing so much enthusiasm and effort into SANEON!!