Crash Course SOTIF: General Overview

For driver assistance systems and automated driving, Safety of the Intended Functionality is a very important addition to functional safety. 

A new ISO standard was declared recently, called SOTIF (ISO 21448:2022). It addresses safety hazards that can happen due to functional insufficiencies of the intended functionality or by reasonably foreseeable misuse of the system by persons in specific situations. In contrast, ISO 26262 covers functional safety, i.e., safe behavior in case of E/E failures.  

Based on many years of practical experience in the field of automotive safety, we provide you with the necessary know-how for the new ISO 21448:2022 

Course Outline (daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)


Day 1

Part 1

  • Highly Automated Driving (HAD): introduction and challenges
  • HAD and its implications on Safety
  • Introduction to SOTIF & ISO 21448 standard overview
  • SOTIF activities walkthrough & discussions
  • Situation assessment: sensor limitations and algorithm performance
  • Interdependence between validation goals and overall risk goals
  • Development strategies and rationalefor implementation based on ISO 21448
  • Practical example sinclude discussions about Autonomous Driving 

4 hours

Note: At the audience’s convenience, the training will start with a brief introduction of the different topics covered by the training Agenda. Topics of interest can be discussed in greater depth by the trainer in a workshop-like setting. 

Course Objectives

In this course, you will 

  • Basic understanding of Highly Automated Driving needs & challenges: Environmental Perception and Situational Awareness 
  • Basic understanding of SOTIF: “why?” and “How?” 
  • Real-life practical examples  

Training Participants Receive

  • Training material 
  • Certificate of participation 


  • Basic understanding of function and system development, ADAS systems development in the automotive field 

Who should attend?

  • Managers, Safety Managers, and Quality Assurance 
  • SW/HW Developers, Test Engineers 
  • Anyone involved in the development or approval of innovative advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving functions (HAD) with the aim of understanding the needs and consequences of the recognized international SOTIF standard.

Training & Coaching Language

  • Englisch or German 


Do you need a personalized offer for this course? Feel free to

This course „SOTIF Basic Training“ is an extension to the existing ISO 26262 training courses, since the performance of the safety-relevant functions is dealt with in more detail there. 

Do you need a personalized offer for this course? Feel free to contact us at This training is also available online. 

In addition, we can offer you further training that is not in the scope of this course: 

  • SOTIF Gap Analysis 
  • Training customized to special needs or technical implementation challenges 
  • Training courses available online for participants unable to attend in person