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ISO 26262


We enable our clients to implement safety relevant functions efficiently

and safely in autonomous systems.


We support our clients to enable their teams to develop complex and innovative systems efficiently and repeatable on their own.

As experts we know the standards like ISO26262, DO 178B/C and IEC 61508.

What differentiates us from other experts is our passion to perfect the product and the development process in close cooperation and partnership with the client teams.

With us as your partner, you will soon consider us as an integral part of your team. We will improve your team‘s performance, help you to reach your goals faster and to sleep peacefully!




Autonomous Driving Safety

SANEON analyses and defines requirement to ensure the absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by system boundaries and incomplete specification of highly auto driving functionality for a German OEM.


Systematic safety analysis is also possible with simulation:

Wich safety distances between Ego-vehicles and target objects 

are needed for safe overtaking manoeuvres?



ISO26262 Supported by SANEON

September 2017: Since autumn 2016 SANEON has been supporting a Tier 1 supplier in Paris, France. An important step towards the goal of empowering the customer to establish systematic system engineering in accordance with ISO 262626 has been made: We congratulate our customer for successfully passing a ISO 26262 assessment in September 2017!

FuSa in Korea

October 2015: SANEON successfully implements a training session on functional safety with ISO26262 in cooporation with a strategic partner at a global player in South Korea.

FuSa at a global player

June 2015: SANEON gains a global company engaged in the railroad and aviation industry as well as in defense, as a new customer in the functional safety sector.

Safety for highly automated driving

March 2016: Highly Automated Driving (HAD) differs from previous available driver assistance systems in that the driver completely hands over control of the vehicle to the HAD system. The driver only has to be prepared to reassert control after a sufficient pre-warning time.

As there is no continuous monitoring provided by the driver, the safety requirements of HAD systems are extremely high. The various functions involved must make well-informed decisions, so that the system is able to drive the vehicle safely without intervention of the human driver. System limits must be detected at an early stage by the system to ensure that the driver receives a sufficient prior warning.

In order to develop such a system, early systematic analyses of the performance of the system are required, which guarantee that any remaining gaps possibly still existing are adequately closed during the development phase.

SANEON supports a premium car manufacturer by implementing security analyses for highly automated driving at vehicle level and contributes its experience in functional safety in the automobile and aircraft industries, in signal processing, in environmental perception/sensor technology, in system engineering and in research and development.



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