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We give everything until the solution is right.


We give everything until the solution is right.
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Whether it is about developing, improving or implementing your or our ideas - we solve challenges in accordance to tasks, time and budget. If your team does not have enough capacity for a particular challenge, we also support you with the internal development of your solutions and products with:


Embedded Systems

Embedded systems, development based on the established V-model

Our approach in the development of software and embedded systems follows our experience and methods with the established V-model. Whether V-model XT or applied in-house development process, it will be adjusted to project conditions of our customers, so that an optimal balance between cost and benefit in the best interest of our customers is created. We mainly develop in C/C++, C# or as required also in other relevant programming environments. 

Electronics/Power Electronics

For our customers we develop standard, customer-specific hardware, which is designed to meet optimal price-performance ratio from the beginning. Depending on the customers request our services include:

  Perform feasability analyses
  Develop, create and review of specifications
  Develop circuits, calculation and simulation of subcircuits
  Create of all block diagrams, circuit diagrams and bill of material, PCB layout
  Perform the construction and testing of prototypes


EMC Simulation

  As experts, we advise our clients on compliance with the required EMC standards and 
    conformity assurance
  Concept evaluation of design decision
  Variant assurance
  Understanding of EMC problems (plausibility checks)
  Setup of models with different simulation methods and adequate IT tools

Safeguarding Drivers Assistence

From the creation of a function application of parking assistant to radar distance warning we perform the entire project planning autonomously or in a team at customer site.

Further activities are:

  Creation and maintenance of test specifications
  Testing and validation of the entire system in test series / test programs of  
   practical driving tests
  Assessment, testing and analysis of functional software versions, 
   measurement analysis, evaluation and documentation of results
  Change management in the context of cooperation with our customers 
   internal and external partners



Qualification & test

The qualification requiremens under the ETSO articles and aircraft certification include strict rules in the field of fire protection to ensure passenger safety. To fufill the complexity of (American and European) regulations as well as manufacturer-specific requirements complex analyzes and evaluations are required in the context of design of experiments. With our aviation expertise, we support our customers in this task. Among others it includes the following activites:

  Detailed analysis of the seat components and the determination
    of fire tests to be performed
  Creation of qualification and test plans as part of the approval
  Creation of the qualification documentation to support the aircraft certification
    (CS-25/FAR 25, Plane-/Cabin Specifications of manufacturers)
  Development of technical solution alternatives


Construction is the transformation of a vision into reality. Arranging this significant step from theory to practice efficiently and extensively is a major challenge. In this area we support our customers with tailor-made solutions at all stages. In this process we offer consulting as well as design engineering support.

We are able to cover a wide field in design engineering:

    Consulting in constructive affairs 
  Consideration of certificationeffects for aviation 
  Support from concept phase to after sales
  Technical support of supplies
  Development of concepts that are directly tailored to your situation


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